The next leap in human evolution will be a technological one…providing it doesn’t kill you.

Brilliant Georgia Steele is one in a billion, the product of a secret society’s 150-year experiment to create the perfect human.  Since learning of her origin and the Guardians’ sinister plans for the rest of humanity, Georgia’s been obsessed with exposing and taking them down.

Drew Conner has waited years to take his rightful place. He just needs to prove his technology – one that marries humans and computers to produce something entirely new – before the Guardians will help him become one of the most powerful men on the planet. 

Though no human has yet to survive the process, the Guardians have picked their test subject for Conner’s technology: the troublesome black sheep of the family, Georgia Steele. 

But Georgia has no plans to go down quietly. She must untangle the secret of the technology implanted inside her before it takes her mind…and her life.

coming Q4, 2022

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Georgia Steele Thrillers - Book TWO 

The Crucible of Steele
Georgia Steele thriller - Book One

The Crucible of Steele - eBook.jpg

To secure the earth for the perfect few, they need to rid the world of the imperfect many. Only one of their own can stop them ....

In a remote region of Honduras, Dr. Gene Young discovers all his teen patients are sterile, and only Frank Anderson, a discredited geneticist and pioneer of in-vitro fertilization, believes him.

Technology expert Georgia Steele is brilliant and motivated. She's also an orphan. Despite her undeniable talents and willingness to flout the law, she has yet to uncover the cryptic origin of her biological bloodline. But when a younger near-twin approaches Georgia out of the blue with startling insights, she learns the answers could lie with their estranged godfather, Frank Anderson.

With a determined federal agent on her tail, Georgia travels from Atlanta to New York and Honduras to track down the men she believes know the truth. But after uncovering an international conspiracy to purify the world’s population, she’s terrified to discover a shocking personal connection with the very people she’s desperate to take down.