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Hi! I'm Linda. 

I write to tell the stories I love, the stories I find in the world around me, and those deep inside my head.

I love stories that sweep me away into exciting places with a story that's moves, where I can learn something new while being entertained. I want villians who know they are the heros, trying to save humanity from itself. And I want unlikely heros that are not looking to be great, but circumstances force that upon them, sometimes at great personal cost. 

Stories where characters are thrown together and put into dangerous situations and made to make difficult decisons, making for unlikely heros and complex villians

I want my stories to move - so I can visit new places and learn new things, while keeping my characters on their toes and out of their comfort zones.

My stories live in the near real world, where everything that happens is possible or will be soon.

My stories live in the near real world, where everything that happens is possible or will be soon.

My inspiration comes from those the that write my favorite stories: the great Micheal Crichton, Douglas Preston, Steven King, 


My inspiration comes from the delight in seeing humanity pushing the envelope of knowledge and technology.

My inspiration comes from the fear in seeing humanity pushing the envelope of knowledge and technology.


As Isaac Asimov said,

"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

My motivations are a need to learn and a need to create.

Learning something new about the world around me (or the universe above) gives me a mental rush, a feeling of unmitigated joy.

Adding my imagination to those learnings, and allowing myself to dream, I craft stories to live out those dreams through my characters.


And it all became truly joyous once I gave myself permission to fail.  And to fly.


Where will your dreams lead you?

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About Me

L.M. WHITAKER (Linda) is an award-winning author of action thrillers laced with science and technology.


Her stories are founded on years of research and decades of work in computer technology, artificial intelligence, and other advanced data science.  Like her heroine, she started her career with a PhD from The Georgia Institute of Technology. 


Linda loves science inspired fiction…and fiction inspired science. When Linda co-founded a software company, she and each of her co-founders read Michael Crichton's Prey, which led them to build computer algorithms mimicking the complex systems found in nature…and nano-robot monster novels.


Linda resides with her husband in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.   She likes running in the forest, gardening, cooking, and playing with her dog, Olive.

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