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The Healing Tree

How far would you go to save the life of a loved one? To keep your lover from finding your dark past? To become rich beyond your dreams?

The Healing Tree is author Darryl Bollinger’s 7th novel – all medical thrillers. However, most, if not all, of the others take place in Florida while this one is set in the mountains of Western North Carolina, not so far from where I live myself. So naturally, I'm interested.

The premise of Darryl Bollinger’s 7th novel, The Healing Tree, seems straightforward enough. The main character, Justin Reeve, is a medical research scientist who finds a tree thought to be extinct and believed to have healing powers. His sister is dying with cancer, and he figures there is nothing to lose and gives her an extract he made from the tree. There is nothing to lose, right?


Dark secrets, hidden agendas, and greed all conspire to pit friends, lovers and colleagues against each other. Not to mention the lies.

Bollinger does a great job of keeping his character’s actions and responses genuine. You’ll find yourself alternately rooting for them and then screaming at them -- “Stop! Don’t do that!”

The result is a tension filled ride that feels all too real.

Here's a link to buy The Healing Tree.

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