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Why So Many Steps?

It's been almost two years since publication of my first novel, The Crucible of Steele.

Days later, in July 2020, I wrote down my first thoughts for the second Georgia Steele Thriller. Nearly two years later, I'm three full drafts in. It's finally getting to a state where I can show it to folks outside my small reading group. So, almost done, right?


Here's my schedule so far....

Plotting the course to the next Georgia Steele adventure!

If you are a glutton for punishment - here are the details:

Beta Readers/Subject Matter Experts/Developmental Editing - May 15 - June 30

Beta Readers provide critical feedback on plot, characters, pacing, and enjoyment. Subject Matter Experts help me with technological and medical concepts to make sure my science is factual or at least plausible.

Update based upon Feedback – July 1 - August 15

Feedback from Beta Readers, Subject Matter Experts, and my Developmental Editing (shout out to my sister, Heather!) will influence and change the story, often dramatically.

Title/Front Cover Design- July 1 - July 30

I need a title before I can start the cover design. BOLO for request for help here.

Editing - Line and Copy Edit - August 15-Sept 30

Line and Copy Editors work at a more micro level, correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation and improving style. I'll use at least 3 editors, working sequentially.

Back Jacket Content/Descriptions/Promotional Packages – Sept 15 - Oct 15

The back jacket has one description, but others may also be needed for Amazon, promotions, blog posts, etc.

Formatting/Final Cover Design - Oct 1 - Oct 15

Once the words are all there, the book still needs formatting. Chapter titles, headers and footers, scene breaks, orphaned lines (you never want a page consumed by just a few words), ISBNs, introductions, disclaimers, author's notes, it all has to be added. The final hard cover jacket can't be completed until the book is formatted, so it can be exactly the right size for printing.

Advance Copies/Early Readers - Oct 15 -30

Early readers are critical to a successful launch. They read books just prior to publication/launch. They act as evangelists, telling friends and writing reviews. They also help spot any last minute typos or formatting issues.

Fix Issues/Publish/MISC - Nov 1-15

Fix any last minute typos, and do other things that I've forgotten about until now.

Launch Book - Nov 15!

Run promotions, have early readers start to download official copies and post reviews.

Thank a lot of people.

Sigh with relief.

Drink Champagne.

Sleep in.

Start All Over - Nov 16

Book 3 Awaits!

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