The Crucible of Steele

My first novel, The Crucible of Steele is finally out!

To secure the earth for the perfect few, they need to rid the world of the imperfect many.  Only one of their own can stop them ....

At thirty-two, Georgia Steele has made her mark on the corporate world, exposing inefficiencies, incompetence, and even criminal activity.   A multi-racial orphan in search of blood relatives, her keen ability to uncover hidden information has failed in her personal life.  That is, until a brief encounter with a near-twin leads Georgia to discover she has family, but not in the traditional sense.  She is the product of a 150-year eugenics experiment.

Things escalate once she learns the organization responsible for her creation is no longer willing to simply watch the “average” human majority destroy the planet and has ambitions far beyond that of the production of a superior race.  Georgia must decide – join her true family or to try to stop them before many innocent people are killed and humanity forever changed.

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Emiko's Story

Emiko's Story is a companion to The Crucible of Steele, but best read second.  Accompany Emiko as she goes on her search for Georgia Steele.  You can get a free copy of Emiko's Story as told through the teen’s eyes.  


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